T46U Professional IP Phone

Sale price$242.00 USD

Ultimate Tool for Professionals

Designed specifically for busy executives and professionals, the SIP-T46U IP phone is the ultimate communication tool that boasts exceptional performance. Its high-resolution TFT color display ensures brighter and more vibrant visuals.

Impeccable Audio Quality

Utilizing Yealink Optima HD Voice technology and the Opus wideband codec, the T46U delivers superb audio quality and crystal-clear voice communications. Dual USB ports enable connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB headset, and USB recording.

Elegance with Enhanced Collaboration

Maintaining the graceful design of the T4 line, the new T4U series elevates the experience by incorporating improvements for greater interoperability and enhanced collaboration.

Empower your communication with the SIP-T46U IP phone. With its impeccable audio quality and elegant design, it is the definitive choice for professionals seeking efficient collaboration and performance.

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Raio Krishnayya

Center for Victim and Human Rights

We are using Telzio to connect survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to legal assistance. In this time of COVID, individuals who are victimized by domestic violence are experiencing a sharp increase in the severity of violence, as are their children.

Also, many of these individuals don’t have access to apps like Zoom, Webex, etc., so we need to keep it simple. Telzio helps us create opportunities for them to contact us and get help. So, thank you for helping us make it accessible!

Radford Harrell

Talent Soup

Telzio seems too good to be true. And we should know, after trying 7 VoIP providers over the last 6 years!

Porting our numbers was a snap, powerful features set up in a few minutes, fast support and competitive pricing makes for the perfect solution we need to stay in touch with the thousands of talent we serve coast to coast.

Gabriella Estrella

TITLE Boxing Club

Prior to Telzio, the VoIP provider first selected by our franchise charged us hundreds per month through a long-term contract.

We turned to Telzio and received better service, at a fraction of the price without the nonsense about contracts or other unnecessary complexities. Our communication has improved drastically along with our members’ satisfaction!

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